Volume 1

by Mathcore Index

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A compilation of the finest underground artists in mathcore, hardcore, grindcore, mathrock, emo & screamo, and progressive metal from around the world.


released July 21, 2016

Artwork by Karl Frandsen: www.facebook.com/FrandsenArt
Layout by Tamás Bakó: www.facebook.com/apbtbp
Logo by Keith Carlson: www.facebook.com/HBnBM

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Mathcore Index Montreal, Québec

A blog for promoting underground music /// San Francisco & Montréal

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Track Name: Arms - Deer Slayer
For I am never comfortable and always awake.
Molten rock flows freely through my spine.
Materials broken down,
The mind snaps like an unchartered fleshed out twig.
The impulse is ready and the scream cries out,
Meanwhile, a universe out there heard nothing.

"This ain't a sermon, it's a challenge.
Ignorance derived in factions."

You've been loving the same love,
Losing the same wars,
Hating the same hate.

Resisting everything, to be nothing.
I am not your god, I forgive nothing.

"I don't need an audience,
let these words fall upon death ears.
But let my voice be your rally cry,
And rally around me.
Because if you won't do it for yourselves,
Then do it for me.
A self made prophet,
A self sufficient prophecy."

"I won't die a slave."

They won't give warning,
Do not wait for war.
There is no nail to be driven if the nail cannot sustain.
We plead and prey but the response,
it's always the same.
"I am seamless, I remember nothing."

Track Name: Coma Cluster Void - Mind Cemeteries
I stand here damned before you
A sight shaded and unseen
A fresh breath of non-recognition
In and out of the realm of perfection
Crossing paths alongside
Insanity, disaster and melody
And throwin' stones at melancholy
Well, I stand above it all
Breaking bread and bridges
Hanging on to those sentimental edges

Ripping anger strike fists at the earth
I feel alright now
I feel alright now

Judgement is disappearing
And the sun is dissipating
Yet the fallen have arisen
I have finally awakened
To the stench of all the long lost memories
Clogging up the mind cemeteries
Feeding off the parasite
Well, one thing's for sure
I am never
I am never coming back for more

Bristling rage pound fists on the earth
I feel alright now
Yeah, I feel alright now

A day of
Years of
Rewards of
Track Name: The Crinn - Against the Flow
heating pressure
eats you up and spits you out and then we multiply
you had better not wait too long,
i've got to board this cloud, and ride it up
beating faster
my heart is beating at a speed limit that will make me die
you’ll never wait that long
ride the wake, drop me in the ice-cold
keep me on the war side
silent angel
keep me warm and safe
scream it out, proud
give me all the pain, let go
it’s coming, it’s coming!
the plain and lonely world
is all the love i’ve known
i plan to rule the player
give him the life he deserves
when i'm blameless and i'm coasting
somebody, somebody, will know
i'm a parasite, im a bleeder
it’s coming down, on me
i am desperate and on my knees
for love I wake up
true love will rape me
drag on the pain known
i’ll forever swim against the flow
I’m washed up girl
life, might as well make it hot
I stare at the way you move
suddenly i’m alive and
i wish i was strong enough to make you stay
break the chain off and betray the strangest way
i’m drowning in the passion bathing in the ashes of a blazing moon
i am not a god, i am just a man
Track Name: Delta Sleep - Lake Sprinkle Sprankle
Oh hi, I did not recognise those eyes in that dress you wore.
Your thighs are stuck in my mind and I'd like to carry them home.

Release, this urge needs feeding.

Now that's done, was it worth the fun?
Tell me, could I be the one for you?
I don't think I thought this through...
So see you around.

I never meant for this, you know I’m damaged goods.

Lately I've listed the reasons why I can't move on,
and why I sleep in the house that we lived in for over three years now.
Staring at paintings recounting the places we'd been together.
I tried to escape but I can't seem shake all these pictures (of us).

The light up on the desk still burning bright.
The way I'm dressed suggests i left it on all night.
I'd probably done the same the night or three before.
Another crowded thought for clouded minds.
Of broken promises I'd made a million times,
On how to let go, breathe, and do more exercise.

It's getting colder as the days merge into one.
I best just lay my head and pray for morning sun.

So from this moment on he started drifting
And dreamed of colours that he'd never seen before.
In the all the types fruit he'd ever tasted.
The air was warm the sky was clear of water.
Beyond the lake were trees far as the eye could see.
This was the place we used to swim together.

Those things up on your chest look mighty comfy.
I may just lay my head and wait for morning sunbeams.

The wait is over.
So in we go.
To find a home.
Track Name: Église - The Mountains
Why have we the desire for war when mountains turn to dust, this will always be a mystery to me, a riddle I cannot solve. A riddle I hold dear. The bitter sweet love waves with its alluring arms and a promise of eternal ecstasy. Why do I remember pain and dreams of bygone sin? Why have sleep become my enemy. Why is death so near.
Track Name: Employed To Serve - No One's Perfect, This Includes You
Nothing stays the same apart from you
you’ve been stuck in the same place growing weaker
you’ve let your life overwhelm you
you struggle to swim in this sea of regret

regret, consumes you
the tide propels you in -
the wrong direction
treading water for safety
regret, becomes you

It’s flowing through your veins
I’ll try and heal all your wounds
but your regret, will rip them open again
I’ve never seen you succeed
you’ll succeed at not trying and failing again
your words of wisdom have never been given
I’ll throw myself in the deep end and…

Caught in the riptide of regret
will you learn how to swim, or will you sink?
try and hold your breathe
Caught in the riptide of regret
you’re going to drown
like all the …

How much time do you need to correct a lifetime of mistakes?
20 years and nothing’s changed
20 years you’re still the same
stop and look at what you’ve become
sink or swim?
stop and look at what you’ve become
you can’t hold your breathe forever

you can’t hold your breathe forever
you will have to open your lungs
and breathe in the life you’ve never had
never seen, never lived.
Track Name: Frontierer - Lightshow Paralysis
Removal of the synergy is key
They say it makes us all a better breed
But they know nothing about today
They are far removed from the world that we have now created
So close your eyes and extend electricity through copper wires past the sockets to the brain
Clip them away

The synaptic cleft of this membrane is running dry.
I forge for the grout to pack back the energy of the ignorance
Believe me when I say that this light show is paralysis.

Downplay this obvious awkward display
As the elephant in the room roams free

The wires are cut (the wires are fucking cut)
All the walls are down
The synaptic cleft of this membrane is running dry.
(All the walls are down)
I forge for the grout to pack back the energy of the ignorance
Believe me when I say that this light show is paralysis.
(All the walls are down)
So close your eyes and extend electricity through copper wires past the sockets to the brain

Downplay this obvious awkward display
As the elephant in the room roams free

I will just decide to lay down and watch the sky bleed
As the lights leave my body limp
Are you now satisfied with me?
Shut it out
Cut it out
Shut it down
The paralysis is dead
I will just decide to lay down and watch the sky bleed
As the lights leave my body limp
Are you now satisfied with me?
Track Name: The Heads Are Zeros - The Harvest
Have you ever held the moon in your hands? dropped it like it was a toy? the road to your house was always illuminated. Some how my memory was stolen. The sun rose higher in the sky until every thing was shadowless. It all was directionless. I am lost. Every one held candles behind one another this gift we treasure. We need to see. Is your feather not dry yet? can you not paint us now yet? We need to see. Every one held candles behind one another this gift we treasure. we need to see. This fear is ours now. The longing is yours now. Will you be ours now? we need to see. The path is gone, but we will find you. I"ll trust in the stars for what my heart does not know.
Track Name: Seizures - Channeler
A soft gleam of light directs a bedeviled mind. I feel an onshore breeze and sense the water's deep. Perhaps only here a moment's peace I'll find. Once upon a time when true desires weren't crimes, I recollect a life when innocence was mine. I'm off the fence, but I don't the end. I've stayed bewildered for so long. I couldn't opt for wrong or right if I tried. Back and forth, year by year, questions with no answers followed by anxious tears. What am I? I realize it's a wonder that I am still alive. Half a life, petrified, on which path will I ultimately decide? May I enjoy it while it lasts.
Track Name: Shoto - Whips Blow Back
Step out my front door, where'd that easy feeling go?
Seeds creep back to trees, buildings deconstruct
like shifting visions.
The air is weighted and the sky burns a colour that I
cannot see. My dangers belonged to the future but
now the future is here; and now with vacancy I realize
that I'm not leaving home, it's leaving me.
My home is this black hole.
Track Name: TEBOTJF - only one nothing else matters sample
Broken in sand
tempted by the hourglass
grime beneath my fingernails
the sweat and soot
builds facial features
blurred by shades of beige
torn vicious
clawed at the roots
inaugural disfigurment
whip to skin
pulverized beyond assumption
Track Name: Things Fall Apart - 3239 Smiley Rd.
When I drive by I see some things that couldn't be further away.
A place where every emotion I've ever felt was created.
A vision of a happiness I once had.
The hallways echo with the laughter of my siblings and myself. Permanent footprints of love and compassion experienced over all of those precious years.

Memories of home are now only fragments,
born underwater, very little have i heard from my father.
I didnt know that this would affect me later in life, but i wish i couldve fixed it.
All i wanted, was to make you happy.
And to this day i will never know why you left him
I try harder, everyday to be closer, but theres still a missing piece
A piece of the puzzle that should connect everything, but that piece is gone. That piece is forever gone.
And now i wander through life, wondering what is right and what is wrong, without guidance. Its truly hard
Now barely a word is spoken, i long for the memories that i hoped to share with you. But those memories have faded into nothing, those memories have faded into nothing.

The spirit of my youth continues to walk the halls.
A constant reminder that things weren't alwas as shitty as they are now
Track Name: Wolf King - Vermin
To my knees, I am numb. Left to wander in cascading fog.
The things I love have turned to dust, swept up, carried away.

Tear out my beating heart crush it in your grasp. I'd peel back my flesh but there is nothing to show.

We are vermin feeding on scraps. I inhale, but there is nothing left.

Dirt under my nails from clawing my way out.

We are the living dead cut down (just) to rise again.

Open your heart to me and I will sleep inside your body.