Volume 2

by Mathcore Index

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Andrej Romić
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Andrej Romić The second compilation of the infamous Mathcore Index was highly anticipated by myself. The picks for this one were awesome some of them being Ion Dissonance, Car Bomb, Cognizant, Noise Trail Immersion and such cool projects! It's worth your cash, trust me. Favorite track: Lights Out.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) Mathcore Index continues to show its genuine love for bands and fans of the genre alike in its constant pursuit of all things chaotic and technical. Please support these guys and follow them on Facebook. I don't know what I would do without them.
- MetalTrenches.com Favorite track: Underbelly.
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CM A diverse and wellrounded mixture of this genres heavy hitters. Sure to appeal to any fans of experimental or all around heavy hitting, forward thinking music. Favorite track: In Somnis.
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Another compilation of the very best underground bands in mathcore and related subgenres from around the world.


released November 16, 2016

Artwork by Karl Frandsen: www.facebook.com/FrandsenArt
Layout by Tamás Bakó: www.facebook.com/apbtbp
Logo by Keith Carlson: www.facebook.com/HBnBM

Download mirror: www.mediafire.c0m/?riwz3er8n4i6zm0



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Mathcore Index Montreal, Québec

A blog for promoting underground music /// San Francisco & Montréal

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Track Name: The Apex - Underbelly
how do we get back
to the way it was before the fallout
art is dying a slow and painful death
the machine sucked the value and the passion from it
this is an industry soaked in greed for better margins

this is

dreams have dwindled down to hopes to self-sustain
passion is the entrails of the craft
drag it through the streets and whore it out for cheap


trends pushed
the real pushed aside
define success
1996 is rolling in it's grave
how do we get back to where we were
how do we get back to where we were
Track Name: Brazen Bull - Stagger
Haha man that was cool see the sparks fly
Wooo that shit was hectic (get in the fuckin taxi)
Such a good party why the hell we leaving?
What’s next any way? (get in the fuckin taxi)
That shit was going off did you see those chicks full tidy

Cya man were out fuck ya
He’ll be right
He always is every time

The car pulls away he stands alone under the street light

The awaken zombie stroll
In a set direction

Walking through the concrete A dazed blanket of man
Tripping on the pavement Seeking a grave to rest

A train wreck far off track The seed of sick sprouts in
Dragging his mammal corpse Whilst others rest there head

It was a great night a fuckin good time quiet bit
One of the best I fully ruled that joint
a epic tale i'm sure
Now that’s how you party

Stuff em all the lone soldier winning wars
I thought they were my closest
mates of the world I'm done
world of mates Glad I'm alone

Lets play the sink game let the liquor reign
wash the sins away win another day
Lets play the drink game let the liquor reign

A troll seeking a cave
The night now fading out
Just a blanket no shell
Memories afar
Track Name: Car Bomb - Lights Out
Sing for today what remains of the song
Say what you mean
The past rewinds itself into the void
Just avoid the cost

Sanitize their hopeless eyes in dim light leaking through the cracks sealed in their face

Contemplate the animals you’ve become
So welcoming to all this blood

Keep yourself straight on the path
Take your mind from the past
Lights out and carry on

Straight on course
Back home

Straight on
Lights out carry on straight on

Don't look back

Sing for today what remains of the sunrise

Force your will to carry on
Make your way embrace the sunrise
Track Name: The Central - Aku Law
Threw open a portal in time, brought me to a place where your evil is law
I do not have a name but you can call me Jack
I will defeat Aku and bring the sunshine back
"My evil is law"
Why am I here.
I must return to my own time.
Track Name: Cyprus - Media Analingus
A current affair, couldn’t give one, never gave as conservative as a nun. A one sided story, spat on your epiglottis, can’t drink a coke without health being the focus.
Never happy, sneaking on your privacy, unbelievably dumb your shame their money. Sensationalism we can’t stalk, have an argument they love a good talk.
Ignorance down to the sky, couldn’t understand a single thing their smart enjoy your frustration, they love disease and pulling your strings, ignorance down to the sky couldn’t understand a single their smart enjoy your frustration they love disease and pulling your strings.
When you’ve got your groceries they’ve got your receipt they’ve got all the support underneath their feet a foolish two love it their time adolescence graduate has always committed the crime.
The cameras don’t breathe but the audience do and if they could they would they’d suffocate too always the nigger there gonna pull that line the perfect skill and figure they’ve got lines to mime.
Ignorance down to the sky, couldn’t understand a single thing their smart enjoy your frustration, they love disease and pulling your strings, ignorance down to the sky couldn’t understand a single their smart enjoy your frustration, they’ve got clean insults for you and your child.
I can’t stand it at 6, when I come home shut it down, let us work alone, you make it up and you will trick us, I won’t do it your media anilingus
If you can see a new don’t catch the flu they don’t care they can’t need they count on what you choose, partially Christian and can’t reflect don’t know which from which don’t try and ask.
They’re gonna feed you from a straw of bullshit, induced to your cortex from TV to your lips, when they’ve got their antagonist they’ve got their figure on your bedside table your media anilingus.
I can’t stand it at 6, when I come home shut it down let us work alone, you make it up and you will trick us, I won’t do it your media anilingus.
Track Name: Forests - Tamago
nevermind let's go get coffee
well you and i are quite aware
you're quite the catch
you're so cute i want to
punch your stupid face
can we lie in bed all day

i hate nightmares
but you're my favorite one
let's make out to shoegaze
until we fall asleep

i wish you're just like the rest
so i can find another you
fuck these songs from the midwest

staying up all night yeah
fucking up other lives
in your spare time

you asked if i love you?
i said 1 2 3 4ever
fuck you!
that's what she said

i fell in love once or twice
i don't want to fall in love with anyone anymore
so i keep my nerves in check
while i'm half dreaming of you

you asked if i love you?
i said 1 2 3 4ever
fuck you!
that's what she said
Track Name: Gas Up Yr Hearse!! - Sisyphus In Heat
Rose petals in public (baths).
Rose thorns in private (baths).
The holy kiss on yr lips.
Choking. Spitting.
A room full of chandeliers.
An audience of strident jeers.
Lipstick on the collar.
No one left at the altar.
Chat Conversation End
Track Name: .gif from God - No Dude, He Likes to Spray
these cityscapes
bare a striking semblance to our skeletal bodies
wondering through an empty rib cage
our predecessors called home
i called it home too
only now do i understand that we were already dead
this whole time i have been walking through a fucking graveyard
these towers and buildings
will forever stand in ruin
marking the face of this planet
with the scars of its inhabitants
these neighborhoods
these cities
these streets
we are but ghosts
wondering empty halls
clinging to life for the sake of survival

beta burns usher in the new era
desquamation of your body and home
ionizing our way to the future, a future of our own
one by one they all succumb
to what we've created
carving new paths
through the surface, through the trash
before the end of oceans
before the end of thylacine

i called it home too
Track Name: Hadean - Noise Reduction Impulse
A novel stagnation/
Exercises in subtle decay/
Ever seeking stillness/
The familiar, opaque, gray/
Familiar songs of calcification and crumbling/
Static an endless refrain/
Sing, be delivered/
Sing, carry yourself away/
Track Name: Infernal Coil - True Nature
Can you hear the stifled breath beyond the mind shattering noise? To endure a life confined to this illusion of peace. Prohibiting our true nature, the blade we drag upon to bleed. As we suffer by the law of man, words that strip our identity and curse our tradition of vengeance. To transcend our violence, our bodies convulse evoking the true nature of our spirit. The violence we restrain for this illusion of peace. (Take to where the sting of eternity is the sight of our blood drawn across the world) Take to the somber glow of distant flame, the stillness of death. Can you feel my heart breaking from beyond death? (in the desolate woods, echoing back from the destroyers of our world)
Track Name: Ion Dissonance - To Lift The Dead Hand Of The Past
Certain things are better left in the past. Prophecies unfold unto victims of circumstance, but regret is a broken window that shouldn’t be rehashed. The alarming certainty of life is the realization that it is merely a temporary respite between birth and death. Certain things are better left in the past. Emotions of despair overshadowed you so fast, but don’t give up on hope, don’t let fear deplete you. It all seems so unfair. I wish there was something I could do. A self-directed life will get you every time. Listen in. Listen up. I just can’t save you now. The wheel of fate won’t let me spin this. This doesn’t change a thing between you and me. Tonight we’re burying your remnants, farewell my friend. Certain things are just better left in the past. Departing quicker than the blink of an eye. Lamentable for being too late to say good-bye, and now the time has come to lift the dead hand of the past.
Track Name: Mothman - Fiery Faith
Cowardice whores bolstered by fabricated suckle from calamitous veracity. Fortitude is weak, dejection is secure. Respire the aura of the brawn, of the blood, of the flesh. Father, the son, holy spirit. Fiery faith.
Track Name: Prissy Whip - Dog Food
Everybody dog food.
Everybody dog party.
Everybody do the dog.
Man, Child, Woman, Christ.
Everybody dog food.
Dog party.
Do the dog.
Man, Child, Woman, Christ.
Everybody dog food
Everybody dog party
Now. Now. Now.
Track Name: Spurn - News Feed
Dark Days are already here
abandon hope all who enter here
hold close all the possessions you love
the time of man is over

we can't turn back time
passed the point of no return
I hope you like your sea levels high
your temperatures hot and your air poisonous and unbreathable

top 10 things to do in an apocalypse
end of days? you won't believe what happens next
passed the point of no return
mass extinction
log in and watch the world burn
feeling guilty? sign a petition

we all want to see the world
until we have to leave the house
we all want to save the world
until we have to leave the house

maybe later, slactivision
feeling guilty? Sign a petition

the worlds got baggage and we are all damaged goods
the worlds got baggage and we are all just damaged goods.
Track Name: Sundrainer - Blackened Veins
I recall the look in her eyes, dilate, satisfied. Contemplate the pain in her tears, were they mine.

I can still hear her voice speaking softly
''they can't save me now, I cant save myself, I wont save myself''
as her fingers turn porcelain.

Ceramic doll painted shades of blue, covered her glass eyes, she won't wake. This world ends not with a bang but with a gentle whisper through shattered glass and blackened veins.

She found the peace in death which could not be found in life. I recall the look in her eyes. Satisfied
Track Name: Unyielding Love - Abandon the Body
Flesh is defeat and hope will cease.
Infirmity swells in a sea of fucking midodrine.
Silken marrow cuts through the calm.
Assuaged, cleft in twain.
Wretch asunder.
Burdening flesh and abandon.

Cling to Life. Lecherous worth.
Cling to Life. Lecherous worth.
Afflicted and cleansed.

Serotonin collapsed through veins,
as a voracious lust for life,
to let go of the sapien frame.
Wither and feign.

You are it and it is you.